Dolphin (Mahi-mahi) fishing


  • Atlantic federal waters: open all year.
  • Atlantic state waters: open all year.
  • Gulf federal waters: open all year.
  • Gulf state waters: open all year.


Minimum Size

  • Atlantic federal waters: 20 inches fork length.
  • Atlantic state waters: 20 inches fork length.
  • Gulf federal waters: none
  • Gulf state waters: none


Bag Limit

  • Atlantic and Gulf state and federal waters:
    • A recreational harvester can only harvest and possess up to 10 dolphin fish.
    • For recreational harvesters aboard a private vessel, the limit is 60 dolphin fish regardless of the number of persons on board.
    • For vessels for hire and headboats, the limit is the 10 fish daily bag limit multiplied by the number of customers who are fishing.



  • Must be landed in a whole condition with head and tail intact.
  • May remove gills and guts.
  • Dolphin cannot be divided, deboned, sliced, group, deheaded, scaled, filleted, or skinned on or in the water.



  • Hook and line gear and spearing is allowed in state and federal waters.
  • No long line gear is permitted.


State rules that govern Dolphin can be found at:

Federal rules that govern Dolphin in the Atlantic can be found at:

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